Day Residue: A Hybrid Media Performance

US, 2018

“Imagine a person who lived in the same room where you live now anytime between 1968 and the day you moved in. The person has some of the same qualities you have but is also quite different…” 

We met for a long weekend and constructed a collaborative media performance in a theater space at Hunter. The public performance included 360 video, expanded cinema, monologues, projections, embodying composite characters and explored light, public verses private space and New York City history.

Zoya Baker - Lee Favorite - Oscar Frasser - Cynthia Groya Mary Grueser - Anne Katrine Hansen - Janis Mahnure - Jordan Lord Alina Mongolion Volk - Philip Rosenbaum - Dongni Yang

Directed by visiting artist Lynne Sachs Technical Assistant & Video Documentation: Lingyun Zheng