Pick Up an Artist: Josh Azzarella

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #6 (W.T.P.2), 2004

Josh Azzarella, Untitled #6 (W.T.P.2), 2004

Josh Azzarella


What I really like about Josh Azzarella’s work is the connection between collective memory, history, and authorship. By the alteration of popular and universally recognizable images, he complicates the intersection between personal and collective memory and questions our notions of reality.

The images and videos he modifies are in direct connection with relevant political events. By interfering our notions of reality through the removal and/or modification of subjects and situations, he provides us to new alternatives to decontextualize history.

His work is a direct reference for what I want to do for my final project since I’m interested in working with images/videos of Latin American dictators sponsored by the US.