Photoshop basics


What are some differences between .JPEG and .PSD files? What are some some reasons you would use each?

  • JPEG is a compressed single layer image; PSD is Photoshop file with editing layers saved on it. JPEG files are small and can be read on many devices quickly, PSD files are bigger but quality of the files are not compromised.

What is Adobe Bridge and what does it enable you to do?

  • Adobe Bridge is a separate application that can be downloaded and installed as part of creative cloud. Bridge allows you to navigate different folders and images easily, move images between folders, create new folders, see different information about files from the metadata window, etc.

What key is a shortcut to having Photoshop take up the entire screen on your computer?

  • F key

What are the keyboard shortcuts to view your image at 100% and ‘fit to screen’?

  • Command + 1

  • Command + 0

How do you pan around a document without clicking on the Tools panel?

  • H key