Why IMA?


Interest in IMA program:

While my journalistic and musical background are strong, I’m missing the expertise I need in sound studies to develop some ideas and multiplatform projects that come to my mind. I think that’s the main reason why I started studying at the IMA program. Sound. With Hunter’s new technologies, and access to diverse media makers, I also aim to expand my collaborative and research-based practice and continue my work interrogating the traditional form of non-fiction storytelling and documentary making. What I learn at the IMA program will help me meet my ultimate goal of producing multimedia work that challenges dominant narratives and uplifts alternative and oppressed histories.


Some projects I have online (two of them ongoing and need an update):

Chuecxs: www.lfavorite.net/chuecxs

24 hours project: www.lfavorite.net/24hourproject

Blackout: www.lfavorite.net/blackout


Some groups and artists working in documentary/storytelling:

Laundromat Project: Artists and neighbors working together in communities of color to create societal change. They have 2 fellowships. www.laundromatproject.org/create-change/

Meerkat Media: Founded as an informal arts collective in 2005, they have grown to include a cooperatively-owned production company and a collective of artists in residence working in non-fiction storytelling. www.meerkatmedia.org

Union Docs: Is a non-profit Center for Documentary Art that presents, produces, publishes, and educates. They are showing to irk of independent filmmakers working in non-fiction storytelling and they also have workshops related to video and audio documentary. www.uniondocs.org/about/